PeerTube Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn Watch Stream

Year: 2020. Director: Cathy Yan. audience score: 102297 Votes. . genres: Action. Duration: 1H 49 Minute

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❂ §✪✹★✪♤✶✷ Saw this teaser before IT2 and it totally caught me off guard. My boi Batman 😂. This is how many people that would rather watch the movie if Joaquin Phoenix was in the movie as joker 👇🏽.

'To stay away in drove' isn't correct English, dude. People can only show up in droves, you don't use 'in droves' for people that don't show up. I love their relationship.


Honestly it starts off strong, has some decent action scenes, but the jokes don't land, and the story is pretty weak. Absolutely stunning trailer, mind blowing #galgadot. I knew it would hover around 90% amazing movie. uwu <3. Congrats on the baby. Its 2017 and i still watch this trailer and it still gives me goosebumps. What is this why is this everywhere? From Lin-Manuel Miranda AIGHT FAM HERE'S A LIKE. Hope the “real” batman movie will reach this level. Ever since I watched the movie, I have my respects for joker. Batman who? Clearly you can see that it's society around us that brings out the monster within us. I thought this was going to be just a typical rom-com movie but it wasn't. It was smart, funny and very beautiful. Great 👍🏻. This is such an incredible musical. I'm beyond excited to see it brought to the big screen! Especially with Anthony Ramos.

Omg congratulations, dude. Anthony ramos. that's it. I MUST WATCH THIS OTL. This channel is dead without pitch meetings.


I got a birds of prey ad for this. That hyena laugh though 😂😆🤣. I loved 💝💗💕❤️ Suicide Squad Im Not sure 🤔 what REALLY all the fuss is about?🤨. This trailer is so impressive. Movements, lighting and even the snow is beyond hyper realism. I'd definitely love a film to be like this. Most comic book adaptations are good but not really violent. And I wanna see a batman and spiderman film to aimed specifically at 18 plus. With bad language, gore, grisly images, the lot. Love it. There is no dceu. Never was. Never will be. Imagine Hayden Christensen as black mask that would be lit af. I love that movie so much.

When he said depending on your pornhub bookmarks Me: yes this reference makes sense

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